Performance Management and Appraisal

Employees everywhere say that they not only need to understand what they are expected to do but also how they need to do it – – and how they did it once they are done!  Helping them clearly understand work expectations and whether not they are regularly meeting or exceeding them is the essence of continuous improvement and engagement.  Without this understanding and mutual accountability, organizations languish and employees grow frustrated and eventually leave.

Despite the importance of performance management, there is universal hatred of most traditional appraisal methods, which involve an infrequent, formal assessment (and usually, uncomfortable discussions between employees and supervisors).  Fortunately, today’s workplace is trending toward frequent, informal evaluation methods tied to the type of ongoing coaching and support that all great managers should be providing naturally.

We have trained hundreds of HR staff and managers on the best practices associated with world-class, effective performance management and how to involve employees in these efforts for maximum effectiveness and a big boost to your bottom line.


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